Preventing Breastfeeding Pain

For me the number one deterrent to breastfeeding is when it's PAINFUL – raw, sore, red nipples;  lumpy, achy breasts; dreading the next feed. So for every other nursing mama, I've compiled a list of tips for preventing breastfeeding pain. Hope it helps you milk mama's!

Tips for Preventing Breastfeeding Pain:
  • Consult a Lactation Consultant (LC) to learn how to position baby correctly for an efficient, pain-free latch.
  • Be weary of advice from anyone who is not an LC – doctors, your friends or family are NOT trained, certified breastfeeding consultants, and their advice is often more of a hindrance than help.
  • Have baby checked for physical abnormalities that may affect latching and feeding.
  • Keep breasts free from bacteria or yeast – wash bras, breast pads and pumping and feeding equipment in hot water regularly, wash or sanitize hands before touching breasts, nipples or baby's mouth.
  • Allow breasts freedom of movement – wear a supportive yet comfortable and unrestrictive bra, the same applies for clothing.
  • Feed on demand – allow baby to dictate feedings, do not time or schedule feedings.
  • Allow baby to fully drain the first breast before moving on to the second – don't leave any milk behind. If baby only feeds a little from the second, then start with the second breast at the next feed.
  • Don't let breasts become excessively engorged – if baby has a long gap between feeds and breasts are too painful with engorgement, gently massage breasts and express a little milk to a comfortable fullness.
  • Avoid feeding props – this includes nipple shields, top-up feeds and pacifiers.
  • If you decide to wean, do so gradually, not abruptly.
  • Diet – a tablespoon of lecithin a day is excellent for preventing and clearing plugged milk ducts. And it goes without saying you need to up your intake of fresh (preferably spring) water.

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