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API International
Through education, support, advocacy and research, our principal goal is to heighten global awareness of the profound significance of secure attachment - not only to invest in our children's bright futures, but to reduce and ultimately prevent emotional and physical mistreatment of children, addiction, crime, behavioral disorders, mental illness, and other outcomes of early unhealthy attachment.
API Speaks
API Speaks is the blog version of API International. All contributors to API Speaks, as with so many of API's staff, are volunteers who donate their time and energy to promote Attachment Parenting world wide.
La Leche LeagueLa Leche League International
Our Mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.
The International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)
This resource will help you locate a lacatation consultant where ever you are in the world! We are the professional association for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and other health care professionals who care for breastfeeding families. Our vision is a worldwide network of lactation professionals. Our mission is to advance the profession of lactation consulting worldwide through leadership, advocacy, professional development, and research.
Dr Sears
We are William Sears, MD and Martha Sears, RN. After raising eight children and practicing pediatric medicine for more than 30 years, we have answered questions from thousands of parents. We hav 40+ pediatric books, articles in parenting magazines, and had appearances on more than 100 television programs such as 20/20, Donahue, Good Morning America, Oprah, CBS This Morning, CNN, NBC's Today Show and Dateline.
Kelly Mom
This website was developed to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting. I am the mother of three lovely children, and I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I hope that my articles are helpful and encouraging.
CONNECTED MOMThe Connected Mom
The Connected Mom is a pro-AP and natural parenting blog. It's all about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, eco-friendly living and more. My name is Jenn and I started Connected Mom as a personal blog. In July 2010, I'm welcoming a number of new authors to the site to further it's goal to encourage, inspire, and connect with parents all over the world.
Breastfeeding Moms Unite!
The purpose of this blog is to create a community where breastfeeding moms come to read, ponder and discuss a myriad of topics related to breastfeeding and to give and receive support from other moms. You will find that I more often write about the "Why" and "What" of breastfeeding rather than the "How To."
Peaceful Parenting
Our mission: To provide a location for the sharing of research and ideas that empower mothers and fathers in their quest for baby-friendly parenting. To present materials that foster a world of peaceful parenting, gentle birthing, and happy, healthy, securely attached little ones, growing up to make positive changes in the world around them. To speak up on behalf of babies and children.
The Baby Bond
Bringing the latest research and news on topics that touch attachment, breastfeeding, cosleeping, nutrition, health choices, birth, and more. From Linda Folden Palmer, DC, author of "Baby Matters," and the new updated version: "The Baby Bond."
Pinter and Martin
We publish authors who challenge the status quo. While we specialise in psychology and pregnancy & birth, we also publish other subjects, but only books which are very close to our hearts. We publish around 12 books a year, so it's always worth checking what's new on our website. Pinter & Martin is based in London, but we sell and market books all over the world, with distribution in the US, Canada and Australia.
Natural Parenting Network
We are a community of natural-minded parents and parents-to-be where you will be informed, empowered, and inspired. NatParNet would not be possible without the generous help of our volunteers. "Natural parenting" is based on a desire to live and parent responsively and consciously. While no two families who practice natural parenting may define it the same way, there are several principles that are widely agreed to be part of this lifestyle.
PHD in Parenting
I'm working on my proverbial PhD in Parenting. As someone who has spent a lot of years in a classroom, I learned that sometimes I need to take notes and explain things to others before I can truly master them. I spend a lot of time thinking about and reading about things that will help me to be a better parent, so I decided to start writing about it to with the hopes that more of it will sink in. Maybe my blog will help others along the way too.
Mama Eve Blog
My mission is to be a moderate voice in parenting politics, and bring fresh ideas about how to make parenting simpler and greener while keeping in mind we live in a hectic world and what we sometimes need most of all is "easy". Mama Eve was founded in 2009. It began simply as an idea to compile and share parenting research, but then became a blog and full-fledged website, and then a store for favorite parenting products.
Lactivist net is a centre for all like minded lactivists. It is a space for people who promote breastfeeding in anyway to share information and news. is the offspring of, a site that sells t-shirts and accessories that promote breastfeeding. was started in 2003 by Lisa Cole as a reaction to negative comments about her breastfeeding her small son in public. There is also a site devoted to breastfeeding jewellery.
The Baby Wearer
An independent resource for all babywearing topics. Find out which carriers are best for you, learn how to use them properly and discuss all aspects of babywearing with people worldwide. We are your one stop for babywearing information: reviews, vendor and product directory, forums, articles and more!
BWS tips buttonNursing Freedom
This site was started by Dionna Ford at Code Name: Mama and Paige Lucas-Stannard at Baby Dust Diaries. We are mama bloggers passionate about normalizing breastfeeding in our society and we believe one of the front lines of this fight is Nursing in Public - or N.I.P. The purpose of this site is to provide resources for breastfeeding moms, moms-to-be, and others who support natural feeding.
Code Name Mama
I am a lawyer turned work at home mama to an amazing son; I'm also one of those crunchy liberals my parents warned me about. My hubby and I believe in natural birth, exclusive/extended breastfeeding, delayed/selective vaccinations, cloth diapering, no circumcision, a family bed, healthy eating, and "going green" as much as possible. On Code Name: Mama, I share information, resources, and my thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler.
Giving Birth with Confidence
Giving Birth with Confidence is an online community, created by Lamaze International, written for and by real women (and men) with a variety of trustworthy, timely and appealing stories, articles and tips related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Our goal is to help women achieve healthy pregnancies and safe, satisfying births by offering a meeting ground to obtain information and support from other women, Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educators and knowledgeable experts.
My Mommy Manual
My Mommy Manual was born out of our passion to connect mommies, both new and experienced. We want to share the precious bits of advice that we've collected from our professional training, our friends, our own moms, and our own experiences. We hope that the How-to's (both big and small) help you celebrate being a MOMMY and realize that you innately have that Mommy Wisdom within you.
Postpartum Progress
Postpartum Progress offers the latest research and an unflinching look at what it is truly like to experience postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, postpartum psychosis, and antenatal depression & anxiety. It features daily news and stigma-busting commentary, as well as a continuously-updated list of support groups around the country, personal stories from moms, photos of survivors, and links to major support organizations and top treatment programs.
Best For Babes
Our Mission: To Give Breastfeeding a Makeover, and to Beat the Booby Traps,the Barriers to Breastfeeding Success. Our Credo: ALL moms deserve to make a truly informed feeding decision and to be cheered on, coached and celebrated without pressure, judgment or guilt. ALL breastfeeding moms deserve full institutional and cultural support to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals.
Your Green Baby
We provide a variety of services to meet the nutritional needs of mom, baby and toddler. We help guide your preconception, pregnancy and postnatal nutritional care and provide nutritional care to your baby and toddler. We offer support and guidance through personal one-on-one consultations and dynamic, interactive workshops and cooking classes. Your Green Baby is passionate about living a healthy natural lifestyle for both mom and baby.
Real Zest
The idea behind Real Zest is simple - Find a bunch of really smart, truly unique women with interesting things to say. Give them a place where they can share their thoughts, anonymously if need be. Support them with a community manager, editor and some business development savvy. Pay them from the start, if not a lot, at least enough to pay for a babysitter so they can write or buy a nice bottle of wine. Work really hard to promote the space as one where it's great to be a mom but not the only thing, amazing to be a woman but not the final word, and best to be thoughtful at every turn.
Authentic Parenting
I am a woman, a mother, a wife... I have a master's degree in communication sciences, but have chosen to stay at home with my child. Everything family-related became a bit of an obsession to me as soon as I got pregnant with our daughter. It has been quite a journey for our family. This 'obsession' led me to find out about attachment parenting, about natural childbirth, baby led weaning and so on. It has led our family to 'go green' and eat paleo. And ultimately it has led to this blog.
Parenting for Social Change
Parenting for Social Change is about creating new paradigms for parenting that affirm the dignity and respect the rights of all children. In writing about social change parenting, I hope to challenge the pervasive adultism within myself and in our society. I hope to inspire others on their journeys to look deep within themselves and create new parenting paradigms.
Mothers for Womens Lib
This is a group blog dedicated to feminist mums and mums-to-be the world over, where we can discuss matters which are important to us. Feminism changes a mother, and motherhood changes a feminist – here is a place for us to talk about raising our children as feminist mothers, the challenges we face, or feminist issues which are especially important to us as mothers.
The Unnecesarean
The Unnecesarean provides information about preventing an unnecessary cesarean and resources for making fully-informed decisions about childbirth while offering an irreverent take on the maternity care crisis in the United States and beyond.
The Hobo Mama
I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I have wanted to be a writer since I was ten years old, and I have found a passion in blogging. Parenting has changed me profoundly and has given me a new perspective and a new obsession. I advocate for breastfeeding, natural birth, babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, gentle discipline, attachment parenting, and all the usual suspects.
Raising My Boychick
I am not a SAHM, and I am not amused. But I am sometimes funny. I write about independence, attachment parenting, and societal misogyny. I write about menstruation, and genitals, and sex, and sexuality, and the color of my underwear. I write about trying to raise the Boychick free from limiting gender roles, while teaching him to not be a bad man.
Dagmars Momsense
On Dagmar's momsense I share with you what I learned works and doesn't work, what benefits your child and you. I want to become a resource and trusted "friend" you can rely on for information. I believe in giving my readers (and 7,100+ Twitter followers) something valuable to read and like to entertain you with posts about my life. I'm making sense of motherhood — and social media. Come join me!
BWS tips buttonToddler in Tow
I created this blog to keep family members updated to Abbey's growth and all the adorable pictures I take of her, but it has become much more now. It's a place for me to share my knowledge on many fronts - military life, breastfeeding management, sewing and crafting, peaceful parenting techniques...and anything and everything that occurs to me to be important to share on a daily basis. I strive to live by peaceful and constructive principles, in the amazing world and loving grace I have been created in by God.
veggie picture 2So Many Vegies So Little Time
I desire to give my children the gift of loving fruits and veg. I myself am learning to eat with the seasons. I started blogging to connect with like minded people, that I can share with, and learn from. I am not a chef, a photographer,or a writer. I'm just a Mom who is passionate about cooking from scratch and eating as a family.

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