Instinctive Parenting


I'm a 30 something year old proud mother to four rambunctious boys. I investigate all things 'mother' but have leaning towards breastfeeding, birth, vaccination, and child learning.

When I became a parent I found myself in a sea of conflicting, but well meaning, parenting advice from family, friends, my GP, magazines, adverts and websites. After much trial and error, I decided to find definitive answers. I began researching, digging through study after study, article after article, and summarizing the info in documents. One day a friend asked me to share my story about relactating in a post for her blog. I whipped up the article and posted it. From there I got the bright idea to start my own blog, and share with others my research, and my experience as a mother.

For more info I've written a post about my story of breastfeeding, post-natal depression and relactating here.

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  3. What a wonderful blog you have! You are so inspiring! I am also a "natural mama" working hard to find out real truths. I am educating myself on much as I journey through parenthood. What's really fueling my fire now is that I've experienced home birth after hospital birth. Natural really is the best way . . . when it comes to everything! Glad I found you, you have a new "follower"!

  4. Hi Lesa, what a lovely message, thankyou. If you start writing a blog let me know, I'll check you out too. :-)